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Same Day Inlays and Onlays

Same Day Inlays and OnlaysSame-day dental technology allows you to complete needed dental treatments and restorations in just one day. Whether you have a small cavity or a larger area of damage, same-day dentistry can restore your tooth and send you on your way quickly, easily and effectively. Dr. Shindler, our Agoura Hills same day inlays dentist, offers restorations for virtually every dental issue.

Same Day Inlays Agoura Hills

An inlay is a special restoration that is used when the damage is too great to be restored with a conventional filling. It fits between the cusps of the tooth and offers a strong, conservative alternative to a dental crown. Dr. Shindler, our expert in same day inlays in Agoura Hills, will begin by preparing the tooth by removing the decayed or damaged tissue. Then we use a small handheld scanner to create a digital image of the tooth. This digital impression is then used to create the new restoration.

Same Day Onlays Agoura Hills

Our Agoura Hills same day onlays dentist, Dr. Shindler, may recommend an onlay rather than an inlay if the damaged part of the tooth includes one or more cusps. The onlay can cover a more extensive area of the tooth and may be called a partial crown. Once the digital image has been taken, Dr. Shindler, our expert in same day onlays in Agoura Hills will use it to design the new inlay or onlay. We use the latest technology to design each restoration, and then our special in-office milling unit will create the actual inlay or onlay while you wait.

Benefits of Same-Day Onlays and Inlays

Inlays and onlays are more conservative than crowns, which means that more natural tooth structure can be saved. However, they are just as strong as crowns and form a chemical bond with the tooth, so they can stay in place for many years as long as you maintain them properly. When you choose a same day restoration, you can enjoy even more benefits, including speed, efficiency and convenience. You will only need one anesthetic injection, and you can leave our office with your new restoration ready to use.


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