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Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatmentToothaches can seem to develop out of nowhere. You may suddenly notice a tender spot when you bite down or heightened sensitivity to temperature changes, or the pain may throb and keep you awake at night. Some people have no pain but instead have a discolored tooth or a swelling on the gums or soft tissues near the tooth. All of these can indicate the need for a root canal treatment. Our Agoura Hills root canal treatment expert can help you decide if a root canal treatment is right for you.

Root canal treatments are designed to treat the interior of a tooth after the pulp has become damaged or infected. This can occur as a result of severe decay, dental trauma or other factors. Because the inflammation and infection occur inside the tooth where antibiotics cannot reach, bacteria can flourish and destroy nearby structures. Our expert in root canal treatment in Agoura Hills will create an access to the inner chambers of the tooth or the root canals, and then clean out the infected tissues to protect the tooth and your smile.

Root Canal Treatment Agoura Hills

Inside the root canals are the blood vessels, nerve, and other soft tissues of the tooth. These tissues are not necessarily essential after the tooth is fully developed, and removing them can preserve the actual structure of the tooth and protect its health. If you are a candidate for a root canal chamber, our Agoura Hills root canal treatment expert will numb the area and may offer dental sedation, which can help you relax throughout the treatment.

Once the infection has been cleared from the tooth’s chambers, the root canals will be cleaned and disinfected. A special material will be used to seal these chambers, and a temporary filling will be placed. In most cases, your pain will be alleviated immediately, but some patients may experience some tenderness or sensitivity for a few days as the inflammation subsides. Our expert in root canal treatment in Agoura Hills may recommend over-the-counter medications to ease your discomfort or prescribe an antibiotic to control any infection that has spread beyond the tooth. A crown or permanent filling will usually be placed at your next appointment. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with our Agoura Hills dentist.


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