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Invisalign Teen

invisalign teenMany people undergo orthodontic treatment in their teens, but while your teen may be resigned to the need for treatment, that does not mean he or she is looking forward to the discomfort and potential embarrassment of braces. Invisalign Teen just may offer your teen an alternative. Our Agoura Hills Invisalign Teen expert can help you decide if Invisalign Teen is an option for your son or daughter.

Invisalign Teen works much like traditional Invisalign. It uses clear, removable aligners that are designed in a series. Each aligner moves particular teeth to a new position. When your teen advances to the next set of aligners in the series, other teeth will be moved. This process continues until all teeth are in their new straight positions. Patients will need to check in with our expert in Invisalign Teen in Agoura Hills about every six weeks to maintain their progress.

Invisalign Teen Agoura Hills

The aligners can be removed, which means that teens can still eat their favorite foods, participate in their favorite extracurricular activities and do everything they love without having to slow down at all. They will even have fewer checkups with our Agoura Hills Invisalign Teen expert than they would with traditional orthodontic treatment. Although aligners should be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day, teens should remove them to eat and brush, and they can even take them out for special occasions. The invisible thermoplastic that is used in the aligners almost disappears when they are worn, so your teen is less likely to feel self-conscious about the treatment and more likely to comply with treatment requirements.

Our expert in Invisalign Teen in Agoura Hills can correct many different orthodontic problems with Invisalign Teen, including mild to severe underbite, overbite, crowding, and gaps. Studies have shown that Invisalign Teen can be just as effective in correcting these issues as traditional braces. Invisalign Teen even includes special teen-friendly features. Not only are the aligners designed to adjust for erupting molars, but they also feature a special wear indicator that lets your teen know when to move to his or her next aligner. Replacement aligners are even available so that your teen’s treatment stays right on track even if an aligner is lost.

Invisalign Teen is an excellent option for teens who want a treatment that fits their busy lives while still giving them the results they crave. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Agoura Hills.


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