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E4D Technology

E4D TechnologyE4D technology is the latest in precision dental technology that patients and dentists both can be very excited about. It combines clinically proven materials with state-of-the-art planning systems for faster, convenient and more patient-friendly results. Dr. Shindler is pleased to incorporate this latest system into his dental office, as the benefits of E4D technology are extensive. This advanced system allows Dr. Shindler to offer:

• Same-day dental restorations for greater convenience
• Safe, simple and effective dental treatments
• Precision results
• Restorations without the wait
• Better dental care

With E4D technology, there is no longer a need to have a messy, uncomfortable dental impression. Patients can now leave with a permanent restoration the same day rather than first needing a temporary restoration. Patients who need a porcelain crown or other porcelain restoration may be a candidate for this exciting new option. If you are a candidate, then the process will begin as any other crown placement. First, we numb the area around the tooth before removing some of the enamel and shaping the tooth as preparation. Dr. Shindler then uses a small hand-held scanner to take images of the prepared tooth. These images are then sent to our computer system, where we save and use them to design your new tooth using the latest 4D dental software.

E4D Technology Agoura Hills

Dr. Shindler uses the software to create an exact replica of your natural tooth, including the same shades and contours as the natural tooth. Once this process is finished, the plans are then sent to the custom milling chamber, where the new restoration is milled right in our office. With this new technology, there is no need to wait for a second appointment, no need for a temporary restoration and no need for messy dental impressions. As soon as your custom restoration has been milled, we will check the fit and look to make any final adjustments before bonding it securely to your tooth.

E4D technology allows us to make and complete restorations right in our office while you wait. These porcelain crowns are fast, aesthetic and effective, and they are just as strong as any other porcelain restoration. When maintained appropriately, your new crown can last for many years without failure.

Call us today to learn more about how E4D technology can be used to save or improve your smile or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Shindler, our dentist in Agoura Hills.


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